The Westminster Terror Attack

Unfortunately, part of my job entails covering horrific events like this. It's not nice finding out the details from reporters on the ground, but the information has to be given to the public as accurately as possible. This graphic was created by me and my team in a few hours and was used on TV to illustrate exactly what happened.

The Year 2040

Driverless cars, farm skyscrapers and artificial intelligence are going to be common place in the future. This infographic uses 3D models, photoshop trickery and number crunches to bring the future to life.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

In 2012, the Queen celebrated this historic milestone with a large celebration over four days, including a huge flotilla which navigated down the Thames. Using a lovely illustration of Her Majesty's boat as the hero image, this graphic shows the route and best places to watch the procession with other interesting facts and figures.

Kim Kardashian gets robbed in Paris

This is the kind of 3D graphic which only The Sun would do, and shows how criminals disguised as policemen managed to enter Kim's Paris apartment and steal ten million pounds worth of jewelry and cash. Working from home, I directed my team and created scenes for this graphic.

General Election 2017

During my time in the media I have covered many elections, both foreign and domestic. Although it's not the most exciting graphic I've ever done, below is an example of the intricacies of this type of work usually done with very little time, adding pressure, which I actually do enjoy.

Trump vs Kim Jong Un

An infographic built around a map showing the escalation of hostilities between North Korea and USA. This comparison showed the military numbers of North Korea and the U.S. in the area.

EU's Move Madness

An example of how a large infographic can hold a double page spread quite comfortably. I do love infographics as I started my career doing them and still believe they are unrivaled at getting information across fast and effectively, especially in an age when people want a story told in seconds.

Corporal Budd's Last Stand

Military graphics have been a staple of the press for years now. 3D software helps recreate events in a visually accurate way and helps my work stand out from the competition.

What Bond Would Have Cost Taxpayers

A tongue-in-cheek look at how much Bond would have cost UK taxpayers if he were a real British spy. A nice change of pace from the hard-news graphics, and an example of the creativity at The Sun showing a brilliant concept from the features department.

Restoring Sight Using Teeth

I've created many medical graphics over the years, but I found this one quite interesting, not to mention plain weird. With these type of graphics, you have to be as accurate as possible with the given information and research is key.

tony mccabe